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Bouncy Castle Hire Terms & Conditions

Bouncy castles are strictly for children/ Adult age specified any child/Adult taller than the inside wall is not permitted to use it under no circumstances should adults enter onto the childrens castles as this may result in damage to the castle, if adults have used childrens castles you will be charged for a safety test.

Any damage will have to be paid for by the hirer named in our agreement this could result in paying for a new castle. Deposits are non refundable. No signs to be glued taped or hung on the inflatable at all.

For Hall or venue hires we ask for at least one hour either side two hours is best allowing us to set up and pack away this gives us and you plenty of time and can avoid complications such as getting stuck in traffic or the inflatable not being suitable for the venue although this is very rare as we know most venues and try to check on one's we don't know.

For safety reasons children and pets must be kept clear of the area whilst we are loading and unloading the equipment from our van and also kept clear of the area whilst we are setting up and packing away the inflatable.

You the hirer are responsible for injury or damage occuring whilst the eqiupment is on hire you are strongly advised to take out public liabliity insurance covering the use of the bouncy castle/units whilst it is on hire to you.

Bookings we now require a 50% deposit on booking or full payment all deposits are non refundable.

If you have not measured your garden or other space correctly or it is not suitable according to our terms we will refuse to set up the inflatable and you will lose your deposit or full amount. We will only set up inflatables on clean flat grass or inside a hall or venue.

Cancelling a Booking we require at least 4 weeks notice unless for bad weather as this will give us time to hire the unit out to someone else if you cancel in the event of bad weather we will offer you a alternative date if you have paid in full we will offer you a alternative date cancelling in less time than this will be charged full payment.

Payment with card if declined will incurr a £12.00 fee.

We reserve the right to cancel a booking at any time we will try to give as much notice as possible if this the case.

We need to advised of any underground cable or pipes,drains where the castle is to be sited to prevent damage from our stakes.

We will not be held responsible for any damage caused either by ground stakes or bad access or area required.

You must ensure there is adequate adult supervision at all times when the castle/ units is in use the castle cannot be left unattended accidents damage theft & misuse are more likely to happen if unsupervised.

Shoes must be removed before using the castle & socks must be kept on persons must be prevented from climbing up & hanging or sitting on walls & barriers no food drink glasses belts badges jewellery pets face paint zips on clothing or any other sharp objects that could damage the inflatable.

The inflatable is not to be used in dull light or darkness.

Any persons who have consumed alcohol or drugs are not to use the equipment.

The hirer is responsible for the safe keeping of the bouncy castle and you will be charged for any damage caused to it & any items missing from it on its return.

Bouncy castles & other equipment returned in a dirty condition will be subject to a cleaning charge. No children who have been face painted can use the castle due to the make up staining the units.

All units are checked on delivery & you signing below indicated acceptance of the castle being in good clean condition. Extreme caution is to be taken with extension cables & must be laid to avoid a tripping hazard do not use castle in heavy rain or high winds .

if it has been raining and the bounce area is wet it must be be wiped dry with a towel before use.

Do not allow overcrowding on the inflatable keep persons using castle the same size & no more than is allowed safety information is left on delivery & plenty of verbal safety advice do not allow persons near the blower & warn persons of anchor straps.

Medical conditions any person using the equipment with a history of back or neck problems should not use the inflatable or any other condition or has special needs may require additional supervision while using the equipment.

The Inflatable has been safely installed by our trained staff, under no circumstances is the inflatable or other equipment to be moved or tampered with. Moving the inflatable is likely to cause damage, if the inflatable is moved by the customer this will result in a safety test needed at a cost of £60.00 to be paid by the customer It will also invalidate our insurance cover.

I have received verbal and written instructions on safe play for the inflatable.


You the hirer are responsible for injury or damage occurring whilst the equipment is on hire and you are strongly advised to take out public liability insurance covering the use of the equipment whilst it is on hire to you.

Our insurance covers us for failure of our equipment and any accidents that could occur from this we have five million pounds public liability insurance.